Long Time, No See


Yeah, I’m bad at this. To be honest though, I really cannot be bothered with this blog anymore. This will most likely be my last post here, not because things are crap for me right now – I’ll be honest, it’s a mix, but that’s life – but because I don’t use wordpress as much as I used to.

I’m sorry to anyone who read my blog, but it’s time for me to move on from this.

Farewell readers, and as always…

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome
– Gina x


Busy Bee


So I haven’t been doing a lot of blogging recently.

Scratch that, I haven’t been doing any – sorry!

This is just a bit of an update for y’all. I’m currently finishing my first year at Uni, and I’m kind of busy trying to not kill myself (metaphorically, of course).

I’ve got a thirty minute script to finish – as well as an essay evaluating my creative process on it – for tomorrow. Fortunately, I’ve done about two thirds of it, and about 10% of my essay, so I should be fine. Should.

I’ve also got two exams next week for my Psychology modules, so I’m probably going to be revising for those this weekend.

Added to this, I’ve started a “new project” on YouTube – I am now doing LPs, or Let’s Plays. I’ve enjoyed the videos I’ve done so far, but I haven’t been able to update them because of the mentioned assignment. I do plan on adding more to YouTube this weekend, or even tomorrow evening if I get the time, so that’s something.

Then, I’ve got Hilary visiting me the week after – hopefully!

And then I have to start packing EVERYTHING in my room so that I can go home.

I’m a bit of a busy bee at the moment, so I shall leave it here and get on with my script.

– Gina x

Hogwarts House Eyes


What did I do today? Played around with make-up.

Also, because I’m a fan of Harry Potter, I decided to do House Make-up (mainly eyeshadow haha). Here are the results:

I’ll probably end up making a YouTube tutorial for these, but here are some instructions for how to achieve these looks!


Prime your eyes. I don’t own an actual primer, but I use concealer and it achieves the same effect (which is making eyeshadow last longer).

Line your waterline. I’ve used black for all of them, but you don’t have to.

Slytherin: Take a dark green and cover your lid with it, but don’e go any farther out than the crease or the outer corner of your eye. Taking a thin brush and silver eyeshadow, line around the eyes while staying as close as you can on both the lid and below. I forgot to add mascara before taking the picture, but I kinda like it – it’s very subtle, like how Slytherins are cunning.

Ravenclaw: Using your finger, take some brown eyeshadow and dab it on the inner corner of your eye. Then, taking a dark blue colour, cover your lid with a normal applicator. Bring the blue out a little past the end of your eyebrow (it’s a reference to the fact that Ravenclaw’s mascot is a bird). If you need to, you can “edit” the wing with a make-up remover wipe, like I did. If you feel the brown isn’t enough, feel free to add more. Lastly, add mascara.

Hufflepuff: Take a bright yellow and coat your lid with it. Do a couple of coats, we want it to be bright and optimistic! Don’t go past your natural lid. Taking a black liquid eyeliner, line your lid as close to the lashline as you can – Hufflepuffs are modest. Add a flick to the end, to make it a little more awesome (like Tonks). Line below your lower lashes, but start about halfway, and add a second flick. Add mascara.

Gryffindor: Take a bright red and add it to the centre of your lid, and bring it up to your brow – Gryffindors are bold! Take a gold colour and add it to the inner and outer corners of your eye, also bringing up to the brown, and a little over the red. Because goold is usually used as a subtle colour, I had to add a few coats before I was happy. Lastly, add lots of mascara – BOLDNESS!!

I hope you like my designs, and please tell me if you tried it, and how it turned out!

– Gina x



This here article is the subject of my rant. (There will be quotes if you haven’t read, so don’t worry.)

If you have read the Hunger Games, and are a fan of them, I hope you share with my anger at these RACIST RETARDS.

This is a direct quote from a tweet by Maggie Mcdonnell (AKA @maggie_mcd11):

why does rue have to be black not gonna lie kinda ruined the movie

Haylee Franklin (FrankeeFresh), however, made me laugh with this tweet:

why is Rue a little black girl? #sticktothebookDUDE @TheHungerGames

She thought Suzanne made Rue white? Quote from the book:

And, most hauntingly, a twelve-year-old girl from District 11. She has dark brown skin and eyes…
(Emphasis mine)


Suzanne Collins herself clearly stated in the book that Rue was black. How on earth can you miss that? Are you, like, retarded or something? Or BLIND? (No offence to anyone who is actually retarded. Or blind and having this read to them.)

I honestly cannot believe the ignorance, bigotry and just plain stupidity. I am seething with rage for those who tweeted and spouted prejudice against the skin colour of Amandla Stenberg and Dayo Okeniyi.

FYI, Dayo played Thresh, the other Tribute from District 11. And guess what his skin colour is described as in the book?

…has the same dark skin as Rue…
(Emphasis mine)


Additionally to this, people were also tweeting about Cinna, portrayed by Lenny Cravitz, being black. Granted, some may have pictured Cinna as white (myself included), but let me disclose something: Cinna’s skin colour WAS NEVER MENTIONED IN THE BOOKS. They are at perfect liberty to hire WHOEVER THEY WANT, and to be honest, I think they did a perfect job with Lenny.

I am heavily disappointed with the “people” who tweeted such racist slurs. This kind of behaviour is what is making me lose hope in humanity.

I sincerely hope you are as disappointed as I am.


PBP – Fire



Another elemental post, this time on Fire.

Direction: South

Colour: Red

Tool: Athamé

Tarot: Swords

Traits: Willpower, inspiration, passion, courage.


  • Dragons
  • Volcanoes
  • Candles
  • Salamanders

More may be added.

– Gina x

PBP – Food and Drink


Huzzah! I’m on time! *dances*

Anyway, I shall be discussing Food and Drink.

Food actually plays an important part during rituals, as it is used to replenish yourself after working your magick (even if you did not use a spell) as well as being an offering to the Lord and Lady.

It is usually best to tie your food in with the time of year. If it is around the Summer Solstice, then eat summery foods.

The most common drink used during rituals is wine, but I’m not a big fan of wine, so I usually use fruit juice or water. Drink is also used as an offering to the Lord and Lady.

Not sure what else to put, so I shall leave it there.

Merry Part, and DFTBA!
– Gina x



As you may or may not know (depending on whether you’ve looked at my Links page or not), I am a writer.

I’m studying Screenwriting and I’ve already written a few short stories. Additionally to this, I am also a Fanfic writer.

My name on Fanfiction.net is F. T. L. Everdeen-Holmes, which refers to five fandoms I love. The F stands for Frodo, thus marking the Lord of the Rings trilogy. T stands for TARDIS, which is obviously Doctor Who. L stands for Luna, who is a pretty awesome character from the Harry Potter series. Everdeen is for the Hunger Games trilogy, while Holmes relates to Sherlock Holmes.

(I chose Luna for my representation of HP instead of Hermione because we’re both Ravenclaws.)

If you care to look at my stories, go ahead, but I’m not going to force you (how could I, anyway?). To be honest, I just thought I’d let you know more about what I do in my spare time.

At the moment, I am currently writing a Firefly/Serenity fanfic based after the movie. I’m hoping it will be good, as I wish to do the characters justice, and that my readers like it. I’ve already received positive feedback on When I Am, which is a one-shot based on River Tam (the crazy one) and her thought process. The feedback was what really spurred me into writing my current story – which has yet to earn a title.

If you have any ideas for titles or plot points, or if you even want to ask about Firefly/Serenity, feel free to comment.

– Gina x